Our Products



WOOD: We are one of the major dealers of Indian and Imported species of TIMBER (African Teak, Burma Teak - New and Old, Malaysian Sal Wood, all species of imported decorative veneer quality wood, such as ‘Anegre’, ‘Ash’, ‘Beech’, ‘Cherry’, ‘Fir’, ‘Mahogany’, ‘Maple’, ‘Oak’, ‘Pine’, ‘Rosewood’, ‘Walnut’, ‘Wenge’, ‘White Cedar’, etc.).

Wood for Packaging and Construction Industry (‘Mango’, ‘Pine’, ‘Red Meranti’, Red Wood, ‘Rubber’, ‘Silver’, ‘Vellapine’ and species of ‘Junglewood’).

Wood Replacements: Synwood, PVC Edge Banding Rolls and PVC Mouldings.

Also on offer is a wide array of Wooden Capitol, Brackets, Carvings, Cornice, Mouldings, Pillars, Railings, Turnings, (wooden as well as those created from eco - friendly (MDF) wood substitutes) and a large selection of ready made and custom built wooden articles.

Wood Inlay Strips: (Custom Made and Designed, Imported Inlay and Marquetry)

Wood Preservatives: Termi Clear, Terminator, Pilot, Termi Guard, Dursban.

Adhesives: Fevicol S. H., Fevitite, Speedex, S. R. 998. Araldite, Bostik, Bondtite, Silicon.