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Roofing Contractors

Polycarbonated Sheets: (Imported) in various options (Compact plain sheets, corrugated, hollow multiwall - double and triple walled, honey combed, in a range of colours, clear, embossed, frosted, textured, for arches, atriums, domes, shelters and signages)

F. R. P.: Fibre Reinforced Plastic ( Plain and Corrugated Skylight Roofing, Decorative Panels, Art Panels etc. )

F. R. P.: (Fibre Glass) Is a cost effective, long lasting, all weather proof alternative to acrylic, glass and polycarbonate that is easier to maintain for interior and exterior applications

On offer are Custom Built solutions for use by discerning clients. We can create or duplicate your design preference in a single colour or multicolours of choice. Your imagination and the artistry of our team together shall surmount all limitations.

Interior Applications: Art Panels, Bathroom Shower Enclosures, Dance Floor, Decorative Ceilings, Display Cabinets, Door Inserts, Frames, Luminaires, Murals, Partitions, Stained Glass Windows, Tiffany Lamps are some of the varied uses.

Exterior Applications: Awnings, Canopies, Chajjas, Garden Gazeboes, Gate Inserts, Green Houses, Sunlight Roofing Sheets ( with different profiles ), Roof Tiles, Shelters, Signages, Doors and Window Inserts are some of the applications.

FRP Doors: Eco Friendly Decorative Doors for Bathrooms and Partitions (Plain and in a Variety of Patterns, Designs and Colours

Authorized dealers of Birla’s ‘CHARMINAR’ Cement Sheets (plain, corrugated, semi corrugated, designer sheets and accessories.)

Authorized dealers of Bison Board in various thicknesses (Plain and Design) Decoceil.

A. C. P. (p.v.d.f.): Aluminium Composite Panels (solid colours, metallic, woodgrain finishes, exterior and interior grade)

Galvanised Iron Sheets of all premium brands made from Virgin Material in different roofing profiles, dimensions and colours (plain, pre coated, coloured) and roof tile designs.

U. P. V. C.: Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride and R. M. P. - Red Mud Plastic, single and multi layered in various profiles (corrugated, greca, trapezoidal, rooftile etc.)

Mangalore Tiles, Bitumen, Shalimar Tar Rolls and Water Proofing materials.

Aluminium Composite Panels (p.v.d.f.) in various thicknesses for interior and exterior use (solid colours, wooden, metallic, textured and stone finishes)

F. R. P. (Fibre Reinforced Plastic)

Cement Sheets

Polycarbonate Sheets